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9th Noshiro Space Event Overview

The annual Noshiro Space Event will be held in summer again this year from August 18th 2013-August 26th 2013. (August 26th will be used as a backup day) There will be hybrid rocket launches by college students, and in addition a cansat flyback competition. There will also be the much anticipated high school students "Rocket Koshien". Also this year will be launches of hybrid rockets right off the coast. We ask you to and give your enthusiastic and warm support to these college and high school as they embark on these space challenges.
Conference time 2013/0819~08/26 (26th :the rain date)
Venue Noshiro Uchue Hiroba (Akita Ken, Asanai Dai San Kosai Taiseki-jo
08/19 Mon ~ 21 Wed. Hybrid rocket launches near coast
08/22 Thu. Ground launch pad preparation
08/23 Fri. Can Sat competition, launch hybrid rockets (inland) UNISEC competition first day
08/24 Sut. Day 2 Opening Ceremony / UNISEC competition (competition can Sat-hybrid land launch) / Rocket Koshien (High School rocket competition)
08/25 Sun. Open day! Open day exhibition / demonstration flight / demonstration run / demo launch from land / public large model rocket launching / water rocket competition / model rocket launching experience / Akita junior high school model rocket competition
08/26 Mon. Events which may be rained out will be moved to this day.
※It is possible to visit the space event on all days!
Organized by

Noshiro Space Event Executive Committee

Co-organized by University of Akita, Japan International University Public Liberal Arts College, Galactic Federation Noshiro Republic, University Space Engineering Consortium (UNISEC), NPO Japan model rocket Association, Executive Committee "Mathematics Education Becomes Fun"
Supported by Cabinet Office Space Strategy Office, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), Akita Prefecture, Noshiro, Akitasakigakeshinposha, Asahi Shimbun Akita Directorate General, Yomiuri Shimbun Bureau Akita, Akita Mainichi Shimbun Bureau, Hebei Shimpo Corporation, North Feather Shimpo Corporation, NHK Akitahosokyoku, ABS Akitahoso, AKT Akita TV, AAB Akita Asahi Broadcasting Corporation, CNA Akita Cable TV, Akita Keizai Shimbun
Special Sponsor The Institute of Noshiro Yamamoto Construction Association
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Contact Noshiro Space Event Council (Akita University Graduate School of Engineering and Resource Science, Graduate School of Manufacturing and Creative engineering )
Tel: 018-889-2806
【主催】 Noshiro Space Event Council
【共催】Akita University, Japan International public liberal arts college, University of Space Engineering Consortium (UNISEC),
NPO Japan Association model rocket Executive Committee, Galactic Federation Noshiro, Republic "Mathematics education becomes fun."
【後援】Cabinet Office Space Planning Office Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Education, Culture, Sports, Science and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) Noshiro City, Akita Prefecture Akitasakigakeshinposha, Asahi newspaper,
Akita Directorate General Yomiuri Mainichi Akita bureau Kahokushinposha north feather Shimpo Corporation NHK Akitahosokyoku ABS Akitahoso AKT Akita Akita AAB TV Asahi Broadcasting Corporation Akita Cable TV Co., Ltd. Akita Keizai Shimbun
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